Seaside Sunset Bokeh Freebie Pack - 10 Photographic Bokeh

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This package contains ten fun photographic bokeh overlays! Four have lovely Hawaiian sunset colors and six are cute sea creature shapes. They are perfect for adding light, color, and a splash of fun to any image. They're also useful for digital scrapbooking and graphic design. These overlays are designed for use in Photoshop and other programs that work with layers and blending modes like Pixlr and Gimp.

This bokeh pack is pay what you want with a minimum price of free! Please feel free to download and enjoy without paying a thing, but also feel free to leave a small donation if you want. =)

Not sure how to use a bokeh overlay? No problem! Just check out the video linked below for a tutorial. I show you how to use and modify the sea creature bokeh with a black background in this brief clip. For the colorful bokeh, try experimenting with blending modes like screen, soft light, and overlay.

License and terms of use: You may use these overlays in your own work, including commercially, without attribution. You may not include them in layered files given to others, including but not limited to clients, where they might be extracted. You may not claim them as your own or offer them for sale, distribution, or download on their own.

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