30 Photographic Shamrock Bokeh Overlays

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Add the luck o'the Irish to any photo with these photographic shamrock bokeh overlays! Each overlay was captured in camera and hand edited to create an overlay with shamrock-shaped bokeh on a black background for ease of use.

These shamrock bokeh are in a variety of colors - many are black and white for easy use and modification, but there are also green, yellow, gold, orange, and purple shamrocks for your enjoyment! Use these overlays with programs like Photoshop, Pixlr, Gimp, and other software that uses layers and blending modes.

With this purchase you receive a ZIP file containing 100 PNG images. Each one was captured on a "full frame" camera and is an enormous 7360x4912 pixels in size for all your editing needs!

Not sure how to use bokeh overlays? No problem! Just watch the product video for a quick demonstration of how to add bokeh to any image and tips on how to customize each overlay to match your desired effect. The video demonstrates with heart bokeh, but the technique is exactly the same for these shamrocks. =)

Commercial license included!

License and terms of use: You may use these overlays in your own work, including commercially, without attribution. You may not include them in layered files given to others, including but not limited to clients, where they might be extracted. You may not claim them as your own or offer them for sale, distribution, or download on their own.

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not allowed. However, if you experience difficulty downloading or extracting your files, please get in touch!